How to play

How far we should run for 2km, 5km and 10km event?

Our Desserts Runway is located at Open Space outside Central City Hall (Edinburgh Place). Each lap of the running course is 600 meters. For 2km event, runners should finish 3 laps, 5km should run 8 laps and 10km should run 16 laps.

So many laps to run, then how to count the laps we finished?

We will distribute a wristband each lap which can help you to count the laps you finished.

How to play the Relay game? For example, for 10km Team of 4 Relay, each team member has to run 2.5km?

Team members have to collectively complete designated number of laps thin time limit. The running distance of each team member is determined by your team, and no need to equally allocated among the members.

We are required to determine the running sequence and distance of each member and report to Organizer before the event?

No. The running sequence and distance is determined by your team, and the arrangement can be changed during the run. No need to report to the Organizer.

Can the Relay team run together at the same time?

No. In each lap, only one member is allowed to run on the “Desserts Runway”. He/she must wear the “Relay Baton” during the run, otherwise will be disqualified.

Can we exchange the Relay baton at any point of the Desserts Runway?

No. For safety reason, the baton MUST be exchanged within the Relay Exchange Zone. Otherwise the team will be disqualified.

If a team member suddenly can not attend in event day, can our relay team continue to play ?

Yes, the relay team can continue to play even one or more team member(s) can not attend.

For Blindfold Duo Run, can two runners take turn to blindfold run?

Yes, two teammates can take turn to experience the Blindfold Run. But for safety reason, they have to stop and exchange in the Relay Exchange Zone.

Are all dessert the same in each lap?

In our Desserts Zone, some desserts will be served throughout the event, and some will be changed in each lap.

Do we eat the desserts when running? Is it dangerous?

We are not a speed race. Runners can enjoy the desserts in our Desserts Zone, then continue to run after eating. So it will not be dangerous.

If I have not finished eating, can I bring the desserts with a bag?

No. All desserts are served in Desserts Zone only. Participants are not allowed to take them away from Desserts Zone (neither take by hand nor pack in the bag), otherwise will be disqualified.

Any time and quantity limit in the Desserts Zone?

In principle, there is no time and quantity limit in the Desserts Zone. However, each game will have a overall time limit. If you spend too long there, then you maybe fail to finish the game. Moreover, the Desserts Zone has limited space, so please keep going to run after eating the desserts, and let the later runners to enjoy the desserts.

Is there any tableware available in the Desserts Zone?

In order to reduce consumption of paper cups and paper plates, an eco-friendly folding cup will be distributed as a gift to each runner before starting.

When we have finished designated lap and still have time left, can we continue to run?

No. After you have completed the required laps, please leave the Desserts Runway and go to collect your finisher medal and finisher gift.

If we can’t finish within time limit, what will happen?

If runner can’t complete the designated number of laps within time limit, he can not get the finisher medal, finisher certificate and finisher gift. Thus, please beware of the time limit when you are enjoying the desserts.

If I arrive after the start time, can I continue to run?

All runners have to enter the Waiting Zone and Start Area at least 2 minutes before the start time. After your group has started, runners, who are coming late, are not allowed to enter the running area. So please beware of your start time (which will be printed on your Runner Bib), and enter to the Start Area 15 minutes before the start time.

If we can print the finisher certificate after the event? Any e-certificate available?

Around one week after the Event, e-certificate will be available for download and self-printing. If you need printed certificate, please remark on registration (extra fee HK$20).

Race pack pickup

What’s inside the race pack?

Bib (and pins), event Tee, baggage tag, String for relay (applicable to relay teams), string and masks for blindfold (for blindfold team of 2)

When and where to collect the race pack?

Race pack will be ready for pickup from end of Sep till early Oct. Participants will receive an email notice by Sep about the details of race pack pickup

What to bring to pick up the race pack?

Email confirmation (hardcopy or softcopy)

For teams, can either team leader or one team member to collect for the whole team?


For solo, if participants cannot pick up in person during the designated period, can participants assign their friends / relatives to pick up?


Can participants pickup race pack on event day?


Any bags to consolidate all souvenirs?

No. Participants are advised to bring their own bag.

Event Resource Checklist

Must items for participants

  1. Bib As identification of event participants (for each participant, either solo or team). For those without bib, the organizer reserves the right not to allow the participants to join the event in the course.
    Please place the bib at the chest, for easy identification for onsite crew.
  2. String (for relay team only)
    As identification of relay team category. For those teams without the string, the organizer reserves the right not to allow the relay team to join the event in the course.
    For the lap of that participant, he must place the string at the designated place, for easy identification for onsite crew.
  3. String and mask (for blindfold team of 2)
    Blindfold participant must wear mask during the course (run and eat) .Guided runner use the string to guide the blindfold runner to complete the event. Safety of all participants and crew in the course is of the utmost important priority.
  4. Foldable cup (to be distributed on event day) / bring your own utensilfor
    Enjoying desserts and drinks, no disposable cups will be provided for environmental issue

Recommended items for participants (optional)

  1. Baggage tag
    For those who need bag drop service, participants must place his belongings into a bag (no bag provided by the organizer) and place the baggage tag provided by the organizer.
    Bag drop service cannot be provided to those without organizer’s baggage tag.
  2. Runners Tee
    encourage participants to enjoy the event, participants are recommended to wear event Tee at eye-catching area, before leaving home.

Drop Bag

Can participant drop their bag?

Each participant can leave one bag (*baggage tag will be included in Runner’s Pack) Also, please be noted that we only accept 1 piece of baggage of each participant, if more than 1 piece, the organizer also reserves the right to charge HK$100/pc of the extra baggage.

Any restrictions on drop bag?

Please be reminded that there is a baggage size limitation. The maximum volume is no more than 40 inch (Length+Width+Depth). The organizer reserves the right to charge HK$100 for extra service fee if the bag is oversized.

Can participant drop their bag without organizer’s baggage tag?


When is the drop bag time?

30 mins before start time of each group. We will stop to accept drop bag in 2 mins before each start. After the run, participants have to collect their bags, leave the Running Zone and go to the Carnival Area.

How to drop bag?

Please ensure that the bags are tagged with the correct baggage tags provided (In order to protect our environment, Organiser will not provide a plastic bag.) Please go to bag drop area to store your bag.

How to collect the bag?

Participants must collect their drop bags either by showing the runner bibs, either by the participants or any representative . Any bags not collected at this time may be disposed of.

Can any valuables be stored in drop bag?

Please do not leave any valuables in your Drop Bag. The Organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to any item in your Drop Bag.

Event Day: Transportation

How to go to the event venue ?

Public transportation to the venue is recommended: MTR: Hong Kong Station Exit A (walk for 5 minutes) Central Station Exit A (walk for 5 minutes) Star Ferry: Star Ferry Pier at Central (walk for 5 minutes)

Can participants drive to the venue?

To avoid traffic congestion, please take public transportation and avoid taking taxi or driving to the venue. Please pay attention to notice from public transportation providers and Transport Department

Event Day: Transportation

Will the event be cancelled if adverse weather before the event?

If typhoon signal no. 3 or above, or Red or Black rainstorm warning signal is issued by the Hong Kong Observatory after 12 noon on 12 October, the Carnival will be cancelled. It the above signal is issued at midnight 00:00 on 13 October, the event and the Carnival will be cancelled.

If the weather becomes worse during the event, will it be cancelled?

The organizer has the right to make decision to cancel the event and carnival, or modify the course. If the event is cancelled after it has started, participants will be directed to leave the course by marshals under safe condition.

If the event is cancelled, will it be re-organized in another day? Will registration fee and donation be refunded?

The event will not be re-organized in another day. Registration fee and donation will not be refunded.

How to check the weather condition?

Please check the weather on the event day morning at the Hong Kong Observatory (tel: 1878200 / website: )

Desserts Carnival

Is there any entrance fee of the Desserts Carnival?

No, there is no entrance fee of the Desserts Carnival. The Desserts Carnival is welcomed to all public to join and enjoy.

Can non-runner join the Desserts Carnival?

Yes, no matter you are runner and non-runner, our Desserts Carnival is welcomed you all.

Are there any desserts to be served in the Desserts Carnival?

In the Desserts Carnival , there are many booths for shopping and visiting. You may buy the Desserts at the booths .

Can I bring my pet(s) to the Desserts Carnival?

Yes, pets are welcomed to join the Desserts Carnival.

Charity Sales

Can I switch the item(s) or cancel the deal once I confirmed and made the payment?

No, Once the deal is confirmed and payment is made, it is not allowed to switch the item(s) and cancel. There is no refund of the payment.


How to register?

Please go to registration page in event website to register and pay online

What to prepare before registration?

Please read through " Disclaimer / Indemnity". For teams, team leaders should send the “Disclaimer / Indemnity” to his/her team members to read. Please prepare the following information before registration (you, and your team member (for team categories): full name in English, identity card number or passport number, mobile number, date of birth, email, emergency contact person with mobile number, T shirt size. Please prepare credit card information for the online registration fee and charity souvenirs.

If register as a team, can team leader do the registration for team members?

yes, team leader will need to collect each member’s info (as above) before registration.

How to know if I am successfully registered?

After completing the registration and payment, each runner (or leader if team categories) will receive an email confirmation, showing registration details. Please read the registration details carefully. If you do not receive the email confirmation in 5 days, please send email to organizer for enquiries .

Can people register onsite?

Onsite or delayed registration is not accepted.

After completing the registration, can participants cancel it?

When registration is confirmed, all fees (including registration fee, souvenir purchase and workshop, etc) will not be refunded. All confirmed registrations or duplicated registrations will not be refunded or cancelled.

Can participants change T shirt size?

No. Participants are recommended to choose their suitable size during registration. Size chart is available during registration. T shirt size will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis while stocks last.

Can i change registration details?

All confirmed registrations will not be cancelled or refunded. Change of race categories and start time, change of T shirt size is not accepted. Only change of team members or quota transfer or change of personal information is allowed (on or before 1 Aug 2019).

Do i need to pay for changing team member / transferring quota / changing personal information:

HK$100 per person per request

How to change registration details

Please quote the registration number and send email to

Important Notes

Important Notes

  1. All participants will be required to read through the disclaimer at the online registration system to agree not to hold organizer or any sponsor / supporting organization responsible for circumstances of, but not limited to, death, injury or damage to or loss of personal properties. Please refer to the full version of the disclaimer/indemnity at this website under "Registration".
  2. Race pack and bib will be distributed before the event. Participants are required to print the email or show via electronic device to collect. If participants do not pick up race pack per the designated period, the race pack will not be distributed in other dates without further notice.
  3. Please place the bib at a prominent area in front of the chest, for easy identification. Participants should keep their race materials properly including the bib. All race materials will not be rearranged in case of any loss by the participants.
  4. If you decide to withdraw at any time during the event, you must inform the volunteers at checkpoints or call the organizer's phone number printed on your race bib. Otherwise you will be considered as missing.
  5. If you need medical assistance, please inform the medical personnel at checkpoints or call the emergency phone number printed on your race bib.
  6. Pets, or any forms of vehicles with wheels, such as wheelchairs, bicycles, roller skates, trolleys, shoes with wheels, etc. are not allowed in the race course.
  7. Public liability insurance is covered for the Event. This does not include personal accident insurance of participants. We recommend all participants to have your own personal accident insurance and other relevant insurance according to your needs.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to amend the disclaimer/indemnity, rules & regulations, change the race course and make other arrangements as deemed appropriate without prior notice.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to amend the race course or cancel the event in case of route obstruction due to adverse weather conditions, landslide, mud-flow, rockfalls, hill fires, protests, blockage, force majeure that are beyond the control of the organizer. All registration fees, charitable donations and merchandised purchase are non-refundable. Please stay tuned with the updates on this event website and facebook.